Shiatsu and its cousin, Acupressure, are based on Chinese Medical Theory and are very similar in theory to acupuncture. Over the centuries, Chinese health practitioners developed a system based on the premise that good health is dependent on the balanced flow vitality in the body and in particular, on the energy that flows through a specific system of channels, or meridians. Chinese hands-on techniques were further developed in Japan and influenced by that culture’s practice of massage. Shiatsu evolved in this tradition to integrate a variety of techniques including, pressure, stretching, and exercise.

Increasing Energy Flow

Today there are a number of variations of Shiatsu, some which focus on applying pressure to individual acupuncture points as in acupressure, and others which focus on working the meridian lines. Whatever the style, Shiatsu is designed to release blocks in circulation and energy flow, and to boost the flow of healing nutrients to organs, glands, muscles, and nerves. The restoration of good circulation to all the tissues helps support the immune system and stimulates the body’s natural inclination to heal.

Zen Shiatsu

Laurie performs Zen Shiatsu which emphasizes correction and maintenance of bone structure, joints, tendons, muscles, and meridian lines, any of which, when out of balance, may distort the body’s energy and autonomic nervous system, causing disease.