Services & Treatments

Laurie uses a multi-modality approach in order to best sever her clients’ individual needs. The process of healing occurs at different speeds for different people. Laurie offers a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment that promotes healing of everyday aches and pains, allergies, arthritis, fertility-related problems, fibromyalgia, muscular/skeletal pain, depression, headaches, hip and knee pain, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, TMJ, and many other ailments.

Ear Candling

The ear candling procedure is very relaxing and peaceful. Ear candling removes excess wax, yeast, bacteria, and debris from the ear canal. After treatment, it is recommended that you protect your ears from the wind.


Cupping therapy is used by both men and women aiding in various conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins, headaches, sinus conditions, tight sore muscles, joint pain, digestive disorders and lots more! Cupping is a non-invasive,  ancient healing art that many massage therapists, skin care professionals, and acupuncturist use to promote wellness. Ancient healing art used glass cups with heat for massage therapy. Modern Bellabaci technique uses medical grade silicone cups. Bellabaci cups are ideal when addressing cellulite on all areas of the body. The vacuum caused by applying the cups promotes a flow of fresh blood to move to the surface of the skin. This causes a red mark or “kiss” which is a sign of the powerful movement of energy and blood flow.

Ionic Detox-Foot Bath

Everyday exposure to heavy metals, radiation, pollution, synthetic chemicals, over-processed food, and preservatives are creating chronic toxemia. Detoxification of the body is the only way to counter the detrimental effects of these daily occurrences. Ionic footbath is one modality that is available to stimulate the body’s natural ability to recover.

Ionic Bio-Cleanse technology uses the natural polarity found in ionized water to increase the healing energy in the body while assisting the body’s own elimination process. It is an alternative therapeutic tool that increases vitality while you relax.

Relieve joint pain and swelling, enhance restful sleep, increase in oxygen within the circulatory system stimulates cellular function.