Do In (pronounced Doe-EEN) is a series of exercises to help bring the Life Force (natural energy) into your body. Do In exercise can help you learn a deeper meaning of your physical state, and create an enormous leap forward with your personal development each class is designed to tone and relax overdeveloped areas of the body while rejuvenating and energizing the under-used parts. The result is an overall feeling of balance and sedation. This class will cover 5 seasons through education of the 5-element theory and each participant receives one-on-one instruction while being part of the group energy.

Find energetic balance through a series of Meridian exercise & Self-Shiatsu.

Become aware of the channels of living magnetic energy (Life Force) already within you.

Do In exercises can be done anytime, anywhere-no props needed!

Class will give you the tools necessary to discover more of yourself and how to achieve you next level of enlightenment.

Discover your mental and spiritual abilities while achieving physical well-being as a whole.

For class schedule, contact:

Laurie Van Valkenburgh LMT, ACBT